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A question that we often get asked as a leading Australian directory within the furniture removals industry is: should I get home removals and transit insurance?

Like with many types of insurance, the reason why most people consider purchasing a particular type of insurance policy is so that they are covered when the worst case scenario occurs. Insurance is often paired with the phrase “just in case” and indeed this is the reason why insurance exists.

One of the common misconceptions is that some people believe that their personal belongings and property are automatically covered in their home and contents insurance policy when they are relocating or moving house. This may not be the case and we encourage Australians to read the fine print on their insurance policy.

Likewise, some people automatically assume that if they use a furniture removalist and property damage occurs, that the furniture removalist’s insurance policy will automatically cover the damage. However this is another mistake that many people make and find out later when interstate removalists refuse to cover furniture damage. The only insurance policy that provides clear cut guidelines on what can be covered are those that are tailored for home removals, which are commonly referred to as “transit insurance”, “moving insurance” or “home removals insurance”.

Essentially these forms of transit insurance cover loss or damage of your property and goods when in transit between two locations. There are various options for transit insurance but there is a clear distinction on coverage depending on who is responsible for packing and moving the contents.

There is a restricted transit insurance policy if you are personally responsible for packing and moving your items. This means you may get coverage if your property is damaged or lost due to fire, flood, collision and overturning of the vehicle.

Of course, there is also a much broader and comprehensive transit insurance policy if you are using a furniture removalist and your property gets lost or damaged. You may be covered for fire, flood, collision but also jack-knifing, capsizing, forced landing and even temporary accommodation of goods contents that are required to be held in a storage facility.

It is always wise to consider your situation and determine whether it is worth insuring your goods. For example, if you have rare, invaluable art collections, antiques or family heirlooms, it may be worthwhile getting transit insurance for peace of mind.

Whatever the case may be, it pays to do your homework and to make informed decisions. Moving is stressful enough without having your goods damaged or lost along the way!

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