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Moving house can be a mixed bag of emotions. It is a milestone many people experience at least once in their life. Some emotions can include daunting, exciting, overwhelming, promising and many more. It is often the beginning of a new chapter in an individual’s life, whether they are moving out alone, with a significant other or upsizing the family home they need to get their possessions there in a safe and efficient way. Here are some things to ensure when moving.

Ask questions to your removalist about any concerns you may have, they are there to make the job easier and to put your mind at ease when it comes to your belongings. There is never a question too silly. Just make sure you are not trying to tell them how to do their job, they are after all the professionals.

Keep your valuables on you. You may be the most trustworthy person going around but you still need to ensure your jewellery, passport and other valuables are kept with you and easy to access.

Check manufacturer’s instructions for moving appliances. Items such as fridges, washing machines and TV’s may have specific instructions to follow when moving. If all of a sudden the appliance doesn’t work when you arrive in the new place it will not be covered by the mover. It’s always best to do as much research as possible to avoid getting caught out.

Make sure any items that are petrol powered are emptied, this will avoid any serious accidents occurring that could harm the driver or others. It is also a good idea to have all garden tools and accessories cleaned and free from soil, you don’t won’t non-gardening items ruin with soil.

Leave behind cleaning equipment so you can do one last super clean once the removalist has gone, this will leave a blank canvas for the new residents to begin with.

Lastly it is crucial you do one last thorough inspection of the home. Make sure your favourite items haven’t been left behind. You never know who may claim them as their own. Check every nook and cranny and leave with the peace of mind you have everything.

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