Things People Forget To Do When Moving House

As experts in the furniture removals industry, we have frequently encountered disorganised house movers over the years and have learnt a thing or two about the “what not to do’s” of moving house.

To help prospective house movers, we’ve put together a list of what people often forget to do when moving house to help you avoid making the same mistakes.


Mail redirection

This is a common mistake people often make when moving house and one that is so easy to rectify. All you need to do is go to Australia Post and organise a mail redirection to your new address. Doing this will help to avoid many issues that can subsequently arise such as missing a utilities bill or important finance letter.


Utility & phone services

This is another common moving task that people often forget to do but is essential should you wish to avoid paying for a service that you are no longer using. All you need to do is contact your gas, water, phone and electricity companies and ensure that they either disconnect your services and or update them on your new address so you can have these services connected at your new place. Alternatively, if you don’t require reconnection at your new place, you can just finalise the service and have them forward you the final bill.


Electoral roll

You’ll be surprised how often people forget to update their electoral enrolment details. To do this, just visit the Australian Electoral Commission website and you can update this information online so when it comes to voting you are recorded at the correct address and can miss penalties associated with forgetting to vote.


Taxation office

Most people overlook updating their details with the Australian taxation office but this is another one of those tasks that should be organised before you move house so that you don’t face issues later on with the tax man.


Motor vehicle

Ensure that you get in touch with the relevant motor vehicle department and update your address details so car registration is accurate as well as your drivers licence details. In addition, this will also help to ensure that registration renewal papers are sent to the correct address when it comes to that time of the year.


If you have home insurance, contents insurance or both you may need to review the policy and ensure that your insurer is aware of your relocation. This is important for two reasons. The first is to ensure that you aren’t billed for insurance that you no longer require. Secondly you may need to alter the type of insurance you hold in case this changes. For example if the property you are moving out of no longer becomes your residential property but an investment property, you may need to transfer insurance type from home and contents insurance to just landlord insurance.

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