Moving Checklist

Are you planning to move? Proper organization is important to avoid the hassles usually associated with moving. The following checklist will help you stay on target.

Two months before you move

  • Contact removalists in your area and ask for quotes. If you are moving to another state, narrow down your search to only those companies that offer interstate removal. Avoid any company that gives you a quote before carrying out a survey. Surveys are free of charge and enable you to get a firm quote from the companies.
  • Visit the companies you shortlist and discuss your needs. Ask questions and look at their fleet.
  • Choose the furniture removal company you will use.

A month before moving

  • Reserve a date for moving with the removalists. Notify them of whether they will be doing the packing or simply removing items and delivering them to the new address.
  • Start clearing your closets, garage and attic.
  • Begin to sort through your belongings and decide what you will be keeping and what you will give away.
  • Start arranging for the transfer of school and medical records for your family.
  • Notify any relevant authorities about your change of address.

Two weeks before the move

  • Get moving boxes ready and start packing what you don’t need.
  • Label your boxes
  • Disconnect any appliances that you don’t need to use
  • Cancel any subscriptions to magazines, newspapers etc.
  • Schedule water, electricity, gas and telephone disconnections.

Moving week

  • Clean the stove and fridge
  • Pack any remaining items
  • Check you items once again to ensure everything is packed safely
  • Confirm moving date with furniture removal company

Moving day

  • Turn off refrigerator and other appliances
  • Turn off all switches, taps and knobs
  • Say goodbye to the neighbors
  • Ensure you have enough cash on you
  • Get on the road

Moving can be much easier if you have a checklist such as the one above to guide you. You will actually look forward to the whole process.

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