Helpful Advice for Moving Furniture

When you’re preparing to pack up your house for a move, furniture often requires extra consideration because the size and weight of individual items means that they just can’t be packed into a cardboard box.

As interstate removalists, we’ve learned a thing or two about furniture removals. Here are our tips to help you through your move.

Inventory list

Keep a list of the furniture that you will be moving. You will also need to take note of the length of time it will take to disassemble and reassemble.

Keep the tools handy

The tools and other furniture bits and pieces such as nuts, bolts, screws and turnkeys that you require to assemble your furniture will need to be accessible. Ensure that you place them somewhere safe such as in zip locked bags clearly marked so you know which materials belong to which furniture. And whatever you do, place these tools somewhere that you will remember. Taping the backs to the underside of furniture makes sense, or you can put it in a box clearly marked. You do not want your tools to be misplaced or lost in transit.

Instruction manuals

If you have kept the original instruction manuals for your furniture, place them in a logical spot either with your zip locked bags or in a clearly marked box.


If you are concerned that your mattresses, sofa and chairs be damaged, ripped, scratched, chipped or be soiled in any way, you can protect them with moving blankets, protective plastic covers, bubble wrapping and protective cloth. If you need to protect glass either for mirrors or glass table tops, it is important to layer as much protective cloth, plastic bubble wrapping and plastic covers and ensure that these glass items are steadfastly secure.


If you have precious antique furniture or furniture that you consider valuable, irreplaceable or even if you are just concerned about possible damage during transit, we suggest you have the furniture insured. This will give you peace of mind in the worst case scenario.

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