Storage Options when Moving

Are you moving house? Whether you're downsizing your current home or temporarily displaced and would rather leave the kitchen sink behind you, finding the right storage solution no matter how long or short term you need it can be overwhelming. So where do you begin?


Start with an inventory list


To organise what you do or don't need to store, it can be handy to draw up an inventory list. Take stock of things you are willing to invest in storage for. Cull things you don't need to store. Does it have sentimental or financial value? Have you used it within the past 12 months? If you haven't, why not?


Determine specific requirements


Once you have decided on the must-haves, look into the best storage solution for you. Items like furniture can't just be packed away neatly into a cardboard box. Smaller items, too, may require specific storage conditions, particularly if left unused for a period of time. Identifying the specific conditions required of all your belongings will help you in determining the right storage size, time period and climate necessary to keep them in great shape.


Cost vs climate


Warehouses are affordable for short term storage, however they are not climate controlled and your belongings will be stored next to others'. Medium to long term storage solutions are often more expensive, but climate controlled areas help maintain material integrity and fight mould and humidity. Decide if the seasonality or the time period of storage will affect your budget.


Self storage vs container storage


Self storage units are great for storing larger items like pianos or boats, or items you cannot currently fit into your new home. Some are protected with a security code and video surveillance; others ask you to DIY delivery and packing, and BYO padlock. They tend to be charged on a monthly basis and are more expensive, but you have more frequent access to your belongings. Others opt for cheaper container storage, typically for longer term storage solutions, but many companies have restrictions on access frequency.


Investigate the movers' service


When hiring a moving service, ask them for a quote for storing your goods. Often they'll have the most convenient service, but it's good to find out how much you're looking to pay, how much access you'll have, and how much notice you must give.


Don't discount the little things


Keep tools (nuts, bolts, screws) and instruction manuals within easy access, and protect your goods with plastic covers, blankets and bubble wrap. Take the sentimental, fragile or irreplaceable items with you if you can - or invest in insurance.


Read the fine print


Always ask what is and isn't included - including access fees - before you sign off on any service.


Are you ready to find an easy, convenient solution to help you in this big step? Moving Select can connect you with professional, experienced and reliable storage companies. For a quick and easy way to find affordable movers, turn to Moving Select. For more information about Moving Select services click here.

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