Common Mistakes Made When Moving

Moving house takes a great deal of planning. Not being properly organised can lead to mistakes which makes the move more stressful than it needs to be. Here are the common mistakes people make when moving house.


Hiring the Wrong Sized Removal Truck


Figure out what you've got and make a list of everything you want to move. This will help you get a rough estimate for the size of truck you will need. Not planning ahead will mean you have to guess what size truck to hire. You might be lucky and hire the right size; however, you're more likely to get one that's either too big or too small. Too small is a hassle as you will need to borrow it for longer and have to pack and unpack multiple loads. If it's too big, you are wasting money as you could've borrowed something smaller. You will also have to spend more time securing items in the truck so that they don't move around and result in breakages.


Packing Boxes Too Full or Heavy


It's important to remember that what you pack up needs to be moved. You may be inclined to pack boxes by filling it up as much as possible to save on space. However, it's better to pack well than save on space. Cramming things into boxes can lead to damages. You need to be able to lift the boxes without causing strains or injuries. It's a common error to fill boxes up too full or make them too heavy, particularly if you haven't planned ahead.


Forgetting to Change Your Details


With all the commotion of moving it's easy to forget to update your address. Contact your financial institutions and your employer before you move. Set up a mail redirect to forward your mail on and make a list of everyone you need to change your details with. Pass your contact details on to the new owner in case they receive any of your post. Forgetting to change your address can lead to bills or important documents getting lost.


Check Your Insurance


Contact your insurance company prior to the move to make sure you are covered for your valuables during the move. If you are using a removalist find out what their liability insurance covers. Whilst you hope not to have any breakages, accidents do happen and it's best to be prepared. With the stress of moving it may not occur to you to check insurance details but try and prioritise it on your to do list.


There are common errors which are made during moving house. These include hiring the wrong size of removal truck, packing boxes too full or heavy, failing to update details and not checking that your valuables are covered by the removalist company or your insurance policy. Being organised and planning ahead can help your avoid these mistakes.


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