Tips for Moving House in Winter

Let's face it, it's hard enough moving house at the best of times let alone when you have to move house in winter. Battling the cold, the rain and the overall winter blues is enough to dampen even the toughest spirit. So here are some tips that can help you move house during winter:

Warm Clothing

It's common sense but you'll be surprised how often people forget to prepare themselves for their move. They will pack away all of their clothing and leave a handful of items only to find that they their gear is inappropriate for the job at hand. It's important to wear something comfortable and warm, allowing you the ability to move freely and unrestricted as you will be bending, lifting and moving. In addition, remember to wear slip-resistant footwear such as sneakers or a pair of sturdy boots.

Plastic Boxes

You need to prepare for the strong possibility rain and as such you will need to keep this in mind when packing your stuff. Cardboard boxes are not ideal in winter as they are not water proof, losing shape easily as well as allowing water to seep in causing damage to the contents of the box. Plan ahead and use plastic boxes that will prevent damage to your belongings and keep them dry and safe.

Old Sheets

To protect floors and avoid any injuries, use old sheets, towels or carpets on the floors of your home as well as the moving van or truck. Using plastic covering may cause slips and spills that can be avoided by just using fabric.

Drive Safely

It is imperative that when driving the van or truck that you take extra care as the chances of an accident increases in wet weather. If you have not already considered it, taking out a transit insurance policy may be worthwhile in the event of a collision or accident which can cause not only personal injury but property damage too.

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