What Not to Pack for Your Move

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On the day of your move, there are going to be various things that you are going to want to leave out for yourself so that you can have easy access to necessities. This is important, as you will have a lot to do on the day of your move and you don't want to have to waste time going through boxes to get things out that you need. To help you prepare for this, this article will cover some of the things that you should leave out for yourself for the day of your move.


Moving home is hard work, chances are you are going to be doing a lot of lifting and other physical work to get things into the right place. In such times, it is important that you stay properly hydrated. At your new home, all of your water vessels will be packed away. You can of course, drink straight from a tap, but it is a lot easier to stay hydrated if you have a water bottle on you. Not only is staying hydrated important for your health, it can also help to ward off fatigue making it easier to get done what needs doing.

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Something everyone needs to use is the bathroom. When you get to your new home, you want to make sure that you have soap and toilet paper available for use. This is the bare minimum. Ideally, you will also want your oral hygiene and shower necessities to be easily accessible too. This is especially important if you expect that your move will take a long time, as it means that you won't have to waste time unpacking a box just to have a shower or brush your teeth. Like staying hydrated, a shower can be a very effective way of warding off fatigue. By having a shower after a long day of moving in, you will clean off all of your sweat and prepare yourself for what you have to do the next day.

Meals and Snacks

To keep yourself going throughout the day of your move, it is important that you have the right fuel. Because of this, it is important that you have access to some kind of food throughout the day. For meals, you have the option of ordering food, but it is recommended that you also have some snacks prepared to keep your energy up. Ideally, these will be snacks that are energy dense so that you can easily maintain your level of energy throughout the day. Examples of this include things such as nuts, trail mix or energy/muesli bars.

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