Creative, Fun Moving Hacks & Tips

"Moving" and "fun" are two words that you rarely find together in a sentence. Even if you are excited about a move, the process of getting it over and done with is rarely viewed as entertaining. It is a lot of work; plain and simple.


Even if you hire movers, you still have to pack and unpack. Plus, you have to take care of dozens of little chores along the way. Well, maybe people do not view moving as fun because they are expecting it to be stressful. There are a few moving hacks and tips that may lighten the "mood" a little.


Blackmail and Bribes


The easiest way to get someone to help you pack or move is to remind them of that secret you have been keeping about them. Of course, you would never actually tell anyone, but sometimes a little friendly blackmail can be fun! If you are not comfortable with this then bribes should work just as well. Sending a text that you have your famous chocolate chip cookies in the oven may round up a few recruits in hopes of indulging while they are still warm. Beer and pizza typically works with most people, too!


Drink Beer


While on the subject of beer and pizza, keep in mind that beer boxes are the best boxes to use for moving. They are strong and they have handles. So, now you have an excuse for everyone to come watch the game at your house. Why pay for boxes, if you don't have to?


Get Creative with Clothes


This does not mean to go through your closet and revisit some of those outfits that should have made you question your friendships with a few people. How did anyone let you out of the house dressed like that? Anyway, getting creative with clothes is simply using what you have for packing. T-shirts, tanks, sweaters, and socks can all be used to wrap breakables or fill boxes so items inside do not jiggle around.


Get Resourceful


While you are getting creative with clothes, look around the house to see what else you can use for moving supplies. Ziplock bags can be used for screws from disassembled items, stuff from your "junk" drawer (everyone has one!), hair accessories, and much more. Also, that rolling suitcase you have will come in handy for your DVD or video game collection, or you can put your DVD player, gaming console or laptop inside.


Shop for Snacks


If you wait until moving day to think about food, you will likely grab a dozen donuts for breakfast, stop at the petrol station for a bag of chips and chocolate bar for a snack, and order a pizza to eat while you unpack. As if you are not already exhausted and stressed enough, you will fuel your body with food that will make your sugar level rise and fall all day. This will make you more tired and irritable. Obviously, you do not want to buy a lot of groceries before a move, but purchasing some healthy snacks is strongly recommended.


If you need help planning your move, get in touch with a reputable moving company simply by navigating to our home page to search for expert furniture removalists today!

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