The Ultimate Checklist for Moving House

Planning ahead minimises the stress of moving house, especially if the homeowner has to sell his current house and relocate. Apart from the hassle of handling physical goods, one has to manage the emotional turmoil that other parties normally go through during relocation. Therefore, it's important to remember that moving is one of the biggest decisions ever made by a homeowner (or tenant, if he had rented out the property) and it can be harrowing or pleasant, depending on the extent of actual planning.


The first step is finding a removal company based on the recommendations received by friends, family and colleagues. Have a short interview with the movers in the area before hiring one of them, and collect the furniture removal quotes on moving the necessary equipment and other household items. When the homeowner meets his match with the furniture removal company (depending on his requirements), he can proceed with hiring the moving company.


Here is the ultimate checklist that homeowners can use while moving house:


4 weeks before moving


• Booking a removal company

• Find out if they move pets as well

• Make a note of all the important documents (visa, tickets, passports, certificates, etc) that are to be carried while the homeowner moves and a different list of all the things that are to be moved via the moving company

• Arrange for moving the television, refrigerator, dishwasher and other electrical equipments by discussing with the movers

• If there are plants to be moved and transported, discuss the fact with them

• Dispose of all the things not needed (including furniture that may not be useful in the new house) in the near future

• Revamp the goods in the kitchen and use up all half opened packets


2-3 weeks left before moving


• Call up the bank and arrange for transfer of accounts to the new location

• Inform gas and electricity company

• Arrange for the cable, phone and internet company to transfer or cut their services on the day before the moving

• Close or transfer library membership

• Return all the rented CDs and DVDs and inform them of the change of address

• Finish up any last minute repairs of the house, in case it is being sold

• Get a cleaning company to clean the house thoroughly

• Start packing the bags and prepare all the things that would be needed in the new house

• Arrange for the realtor to collect the keys of the present home at a date and time specified by the homeowner

• In case the homeowner is leaving his/her children behind for a week or two during the move, then arrange for someone to look after them

• Confirm moving of pets


A week before


• Inform the newspaper and milk service

• Collect all pending laundry

• Prepare a carton that contains all the necessary items like keys, chargers, batteries telephones, remote controls and so on

• Call up the moving company and finalize the date

• Make sure the instructions to them are up-to-date; if any last minute changes are made, inform them immediately

• Ensure the telephone/phone/internet services would be cancelled or transferred; collect deposit, if any


The day before move


• Go through the checklist and ensure everything is covered

• Empty the refrigerator and defrost it

• Ensure the keys to the new place are easily accessible

• Say a final goodbye to neighbours and friends

• Do a last minute check to see if there are any goods to be packed (check under the beds, tops of cupboards and so on)


Finally, on the moving day


• Keep a cool head and be ready for the moving company to arrive!


If you're ready to move but just need to find a professional furniture removal company, get in touch with Moving Select, who will help provide you with the best possible service available in your area!


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