Tips for an Effective Interstate Move

Moving interstate is a big decision, not only will you need to take into account where to live, where you’ll work, where the kids will go to school and what kind of community you will live in, but you will have to plan the actual move itself. Some of these considerations may even be driving your decision to move interstate. Nevertheless, an interstate move is not for the faint hearted.

So when moving what may seem like your whole life to another state, you need to get help - most people won’t be able to relocate without professional help. You will need to research and hire interstate removalists who specialise in interstate furniture removals. Before making a decision, consider the removalists experience, their level of customer service, the advice they provide in packing up your possessions as well as the cost of furniture removals.

The cost of furniture removals will depend on several factors. Firstly, how much space in the truck or container your belongings will occupy will be a determining factor on price. If you are packing up a 1 bedroom apartment, it is safe to assume that there will be less space required than packing up a 4 bedroom house. For this reason, many individuals and families will clear out non essential belongings, either selling or getting rid of clutter and other household goods. The other factor that is considered is the the distance that you are travelling. If you are moving from Brisbane to Sydney it will be a lot cheaper than relocating from Brisbane to Adelaide. You will need to then book an interstate furniture removalist as soon as possible. Normally it is best to give as much as 8-12 weeks notice to avoid missing out but there are times when you aren’t give much notice so it is recommended to book a removalist as soon as you know you will need to move.

Once you’ve booked a removalist you will need to organise your belongings and form a plan to pack them. You still need to live your life up until the move, so initially you should pack items that are infrequently used and are not needed in your day to day life. Ensure that you are well equipped with boxes, newspapers, bubble wrap and duct tape, which are all essential components in packing for your interstate move. Ensure that your fragile and valuable goods are well packed and secured. Most removalists will require you to compile an inventory list, but even if they don’t, it is a good idea to do this for your own peace of mind. It is also recommended that you obtain an insurance policy in the case that your goods are broken, chipped or damaged during the move.

So if you’re searching for professional, reliable interstate furniture removalists, why not submit your request through Moving Select. We will help you connect with highly experienced removalists who won’t disappoint. No matter if you need removalists in Sydney, the Gold Coast or in Perth; you’ll find the most comprehensive list of removalists on Moving Select.

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