5 Worst House Moving Stories

Moving house is an exciting time for many families, friends and independents. But when it comes to the arduous task of packing up our belongings and spending hours poring over their contents, crafting a detailed inventory list, and hauling our tired and cranky muscles up and down flights of stairs to relocate to our new humble abode, we couldn't think of anything worse... until we heard these horror stories of moving house.


Tenants still inside


"On move-in day, I got to the apartment with everything I own to find that the previous tenants had left a ton of stuff and hadn't even bothered to clean. There were two keyboards in my bedroom and the creepiest devil/ram clay sculpture in the closet. The apartment itself was filthy, and when we moved the fridge, we found an empty rat trap box with a ton of rat poop around it. Our landlord called his cleaning lady, who came into the apartment and looked at the place, looked at me, and screamed at the top of her lungs, 'GET OUT!'... Five hours later, we were finally able to start moving in."


Owners not ready to leave


"When we came to move in to our new house the previous owners were still there and hadn't moved anything! We had to store all our stuff in the garage and wait for them to move their stuff. We spent the next day moving furniture...from the garage into the house. They hadn't boxed up a thing! We'd been living out of boxes for a week to make sure that we would be out of our house on time. It was pandemonium."


No mover in sight


"When I was moving between apartments, I called a company with good Yelp reviews. I had booked two guys and one van, but only one guy showed up, which meant I had to assist bringing all my furniture down two flights of stairs. When we were finally done with the move, my mover asked what I was doing with the rest of the day. I told him I wasn't planning on anything and he asked me if I could help him on his next three jobs!"


Professionalism at its best


"[The movers] showed up late, couldn't stop talking about how much he needed a drink, and scraped pieces of the veneer off the front of most of my antique dining set. He also broke my Great-GrandMothers telephone table, and the matching directory stand.


No home, sorry


"Had signed a contract to move into a new rented house. Removal van was packed, stopped off at the estate agents to pick up the keys. Went in and they told me the owner had changed his mind and the house was no longer available for rent. All my posessions [sic] outside in a van and nowhere to go. Had to put all my stuff in storage and stay with friends for 3 weeks until I found another home."


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