6 Key Guarantees you need from your Removal Company

When it comes to moving home, we are often spoilt for choice when looking for removal companies. It’s hard to know where to start and committing to a particular service provider that will be handling all of your personal belongings can be a big decision.


The choice of removalist needn’t be such a big worry in part of your moving journey. As a customer you need to ensure that the following needs have been addressed by your removal company before you opt in:


  • 1. You are receiving the correct service - check the services that the removalist offers. Often people spend a lot of time researching the wrong type of removal service and then have to re-start the process from the beginning. Removalists cover a range of services and can change in price depending on the additional services you may chose to take.
  • 2. Do you require a specialist removal agent to handle your goods? In which case you need more information on costs.
  • 3. Vehicle implications - As a pre-relocation for your possessions, you need to agree and finalise what vehicle will be used in order to transport your goods.
  • 4. Location - Are you moving interstate or are you moving locally? By looking into a number of quotes and guaranteeing you have provided the removalist with all the facts about your relocation, you can rest assured the quote being offered will be the most accurate one.
  • 5. Insurance - Insurance rates between removalists differs, where one company may seem cheaper than others, they may quote high for insurance.
  • 6. Hidden charges - On occasion companies with charge an extra fee for the booking or charge for the use of certain credit/bank cards. Outline this from the start; explain you would like to see the full picture before selecting the company.


The best way to start the moving route is to enlist the help of a tool that can provide you with all the finer details that you need. Moving Select provide a high level of experienced removalists across Australia to help give you the most appropriate company for your requests. If you are looking for interstate and local removalists that are best for your budget visit our site to use the handy moving calculator.

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