How to Look after Walls when Moving Out

When moving out it's essential that you leave it clean and in the same condition as when you moved in. Your walls may need particular care to return them to their original state. There are a number of things to consider when returning the walls to their former glory. Here's how to look after walls when moving out.


Read Your Paperwork


Have a look at your agreement and see what applies to your walls. You may have put picture hooks on the wall but the agreement specified not to. Or it stipulates that if you put them up that on leaving you are to cover and paint them. Check what is required of you and then follow the instructions accordingly. There may be an expectation for you to use a professional cleaner to clean the property when you vacate. Make sure you read through your paperwork and follow through with what is expected of you.


Clean Your Walls


Over time handprints, dirt and dust can leave your walls in need of a good clean. It may seem like a huge task, but if you are methodical and follow all of the steps you can have them looking spotless in no time. Firstly, put down something to protect your floor coverings, then using a brush, dust all of the walls to prepare them. Apply sugar soap to your walls from top to bottom using a spray bottle. Leave on for 30 seconds, for stubborn stains you can leave the sugar soap on for up to a minute. Using a sponge wash the sugar soap off, again working from top to bottom. Dry it all with a rag and it should be thoroughly cleaned.


Covering up Holes in the wall


There are many reasons you may have made holes in the wall including picture hooks, securing furniture to the wall as a safety measure and safety gates. You may have also simply knocked into it, as plaster walls are prone to wear and tear. When you come to cover up the holes, firstly remove any hooks or screws then make sure to even out any protrusions. Fill in the hole with a plaster compound then roughen up the surrounding paint by sanding it. Jointing tape can then be used on the area to reinforce the hole. Go over it with a bit more plaster compound then leave it to dry followed by sanding and dusting. Apply a second coat of plaster while smoothing it out so that it's nice and flat with a paint scraper. When it's dry, sand and dust again to get it ready for painting. Hopefully there will be paint left over that you can touch up with; otherwise you'll need to purchase a paint colour that matches.


When moving out you should make sure your walls are in tip top condition. If you read through your agreement and property report you will know what's expected of you. Thoroughly clean your walls with sugar soap to get rid of the dirt that's accumulated. Cover up any holes you've made with plaster and paint so that they look their best. This will ensure that you get the walls back to the condition they were in when you moved in.


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