The First Things You Should Establish When You Move to A New Town

Moving to a new home is always a big step, and while we are sure you have the basics down pat, ensure you've got all the bases covered to make settling into the new humble abode that little bit easier. You'll be cracking open the champagne in no time!


- Check hot water


We're going to take a stab here and assume that you have got this one covered, but alas! Having a nice steamy shower in your shiny new bathroom to wash away the sweat and tears of moving day is absolutely priceless to settling in.


- Connect internet


There's nothing like the feeling of being disconnected from the world once you move in. Plus, how's anyone going to know you've arrived safe and sound without an obligatory selfie?


- Have security checked


More seriously now, ensure that everything is in tip top shape. If there's something that feels not quite right, look into it. Get your real estate agent or landlord to take a peek.


- Check inventory from move


By now you should have your belongings with you in your new home, but things can be forgotten or go unnoticed in unfamiliar territory. An easy way to double check that nothing is unaccounted for is to cross reference your items with your inventory list.


- Assemble beds


A great activity! Ensure you've thought through physically getting your bed into the right spot - particularly if you have stairs to navigate!


- Settle in pets and young children


A big move can be a big experience for the smaller beings, so be sure to check in with your little ones and furry friends. Even enlisting the help of other family members or a trusted friend on moving day can help make the experience less traumatic or stressful to have to entertain or supervise when you've got so many other things to worry about.


- Familiarise yourself with garbage collection details


An obvious one - work out what day's things need to go out. With plenty of rubbish from unpacking, this one is a fast essential.


- Greet your neighbours


Seems obvious, too, but get familiar with those not just able to lend a cup of sugar or spare some flour - your neighbours are an added safety feature and can add to your enjoyment in your new home.


- Change your address


Update the important documents, including car insurance, electoral roll, banking, superannuation and magazine subscriptions.


- Find the nearest essentials


Where's the nearest police station, council or hospital?


- Suss out the transport


Get a parking permit if needed. Find the nearest bus to get you from A to B.


- Find your local amenities


Supermarkets, specialty shops and strips, community centres, vets and more.


- Source the local cafes and restaurants


When you're ready to break from the tin of baked beans, let yourself venture out into the real world! Scour your new favourites.


- Give yourself time to acclimatise


Moving to a new place is exciting so make sure you explore and network, but if your heart longs to connect with old roots and connections, then don't force yourself to go without!


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