Moving during summer heat...

Moving in summer is a great idea. You get time off and have more freedom in getting settled and unpacking. While you may love the heat and the summer sun it can have its downfalls when moving house. Even though the summer is filled with sunny days and warm nights there is also chance of storms and heavy rain. It is a good idea to keep track of the weather forecast to help you plan an effective moving session.

Many items in our home and heat sensitive and can become deformed or unusable of left in the heat for too long. Items such as particular electronics, screens can be damaged and the overall effectiveness of the item can be affected. Candles and other toiletries are easy to melt to a point where they can no longer be used. It is important that these items are kept in a cool area and moved in the new house as soon as possible.

It is easy to forget to drink your water when you are so caught up in wanting to move everything in as soon as possible. But it is important that you drink enough water to avoid any accidents or heat exhaustion, have iced water bottles filled up and continually refilled throughout the day. This will make the entire moving process a whole lot easier.

After a day of moving in the heat you will want to relax and unwind with a nice shower. Make sure that you have a change of clothes, toiletries and towels easy to access so you don't have to rummage through boxes just to be able to have a shower and set up your new home!

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