Moving Home Safely During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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The current pandemic has put a stop to regular routines both in Australia and abroad. While social distancing is still necessary until told otherwise, home moves aren't always something that can wait. How does moving home during a pandemic work though, and more importantly - are moving services still running?

Budget for extras

On top of the usual expenses of moving such as packing materials and moving company hire, you will also need to plan for additional costs. You may need to buy supplies to deep-clean both your current residence, before you move, and your new residence, after the move. If you are moving out of a rental home, many landlords will require you to hire professional cleaning services to ensure that it is done properly.

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Is Moving Essential?

For many people, there is not a lot of flexibility in the date of your move. If you have a lease ending or if you have already sold your home, it's important that you have access to the services that are required in order to move. While cities and states across the country have ordered the temporary closure of non-essential businesses, moving companies are generally fortunately considered to be essential.

If you are hesitant to postpone your move due to the uncertainty of what will happen in the future, there is not much you can do. For now, continue to research moving companies and ask directly what steps are being taken to reduce risk.
What has changed at this point is largely going to be related to the interactions between the movers and the customer, including social distancing and strict hygiene standards for both parties.

Stay safe during the move

Before the movers arrive, you will want to prepare by sanitising all furniture and any surfaces that may be touched. During the move, you should maintain social distance, frequently wash your hands, and wear a mask. Make sure that you also disinfect everything after the move as well.

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