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Electrical appliances are some of the most delicate and expensive things you'll need to move, so it's important to prepare them properly. Here's the low down on how to get your electrical items ready for the removalists.

Cleaning appliances before moving

Kitchen appliances like the fridge, freezer and dishwasher should be cleaned thoroughly before moving, especially if they are going to be in storage for any amount of time.
Bits of grease, dirt and moisture left in these appliances will attract further dirt and mould over time.

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Moving fridges & freezers

Empty the fridge and/or freezer thoroughly, then clean it and leave the door open for at least 24 hours to ensure it is free of ice and moisture. Make sure the fridge is kept upright at all times, and leave it standing for 24 hours before you turn it on again. This will allow the refrigerant to settle.

Moving dishwashers

Disconnect the hoses and thoroughly drain the dishwasher. Mop up any water left inside the appliance and wipe it dry. Wrap the dry hoses up in towels and place them inside the dishwasher to make sure they won't get lost or damaged.

Moving washing machines

Clean and drain the machine thoroughly and place the hoses inside the machine. Ask your movers if you need a 'washer kit' - a foam brace that stops the washer tub swaying during transportation.

Moving computers & printers

Back up all your files. Secure any loose parts on the computer or printer and remove the toner or ink cartridge, if possible. Make sure all peripherals are packed thoroughly to avoid damage.

Moving stereos & DVD players

Be sure to remove any discs from inside the player. Secure the CD/DVD player with transport screws located on the bottom of the unit, if it has them. Make sure the remote controls are packed with the appliance so they won't go missing.

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