Most Common Reasons for Moving

As removalists, we assist residents and commercial tenants with relocating, either within the same state or interstate. There are many reasons why people move and many of the reasons are instigated by their stage in life and the opportunities that arise.

Younger people are more mobile

There are higher rates of mobility recorded for younger people in their late teens through to their 30’s. Consider a young person and the stage of the life course that they are in. Once they are of age, a young person will consider moving out of their family homes to gain independence which is a necessary part of the life course. Another reason is for study opportunities, with many young people relocating to be closer to their educational institution such as TAFE or university. Younger people live with less family responsibilities and live more transient lifestyles so can easily move for work opportunities and also will make decisions to move in with their partners in ‘defacto’ and ‘live in’ type of relationships.

Reasons why older people move

Although older people will make decisions to move in much the same fashion as their younger counterparts, the stage of their lifecycle produces many other reasons for moving. Some decide to downsize to a smaller, more manageable home once the kids move out. Illness and disability is another reason for moving with many being taken by their older children. The death of a spouse is another reason, with a surprising number of people selling the family home to downsize or start fresh. Retirement is another reason for people to downsizing to a more affordable smaller home, choosing to use the profits from the sale of their home as retirement savings.

Moving stuff into storage

It is also now more common than ever before for an individual and family to move their possessions into professional storage. Our modern transient lifestyles means that moving stuff into storage makes more sense when an individual decides to go travelling, or moves into a shared household or a family decides to declutter their homes and store their belongings elsewhere.

Regardless of the reasons for moving, Moving Select can help you to connect with professional, experienced and reliable moving companies that uphold high standards of service. So if you’re looking for cheap furniture removals, interstate furniture removalists or a furniture removalist in Melbourne, choose a furniture removalist from Moving Select and let us help make your move easy and hassle free!

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