Festive season and moving!

With the stress of moving added into one of the busiest times of year it is key that you are prepared for what the move will have in store for you. From Christmas and New Year shut downs to ensuring you receive all your Christmas cards from family and friends.

The festive season is a time to be merry and your moving should follow the same emotion. While it can be overwhelming moving this time of year can be especially hard. It is important that when you are packing up your old abode you label your Christmas essentials to ensure they can be put up as quick as possible to bring the cheer and happiness Christmas has to offer. This is an easy to way to put a smile on your face. If you were well prepared this year and have gifts already brought make sure they are packed and easy to access so you don't have to go searching for gifts to put under the Christmas tree.

It is imperative that you let your electricity, phone provider and other services of your move before you actually arrive, with shut downs taking place over the Christmas and New Year period you want to make sure you won't be without water or electricity. Ensuring family and friends are aware of your move is also important as you don't want to miss out on the beautiful sentiment of receiving Christmas Cards.

Another profession you should acknowledge that has Christmas shut down is trades. You may find that in your new home you need a few bits and pieces fixed up, this could possibly wait until you are all moved in but if you feel you need to have them addressed it is worth finding out when trades take time off and how they can assist with your issues.

Make sure the first Christmas you spend in your brand new home is a great one by being well prepared and planning for Christmas breaks, having all your Christmas essentials easily accessible and making sure family and friends are aware of your new address. While moving at Christmas time may have it's added stresses there are also a few positives, the weather should be nice and dry so your furniture and belongings won't get water damage. Daylight savings means you have more hours in the day that you can commit to moving.

Happy moving and Happy Holidays

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