Vital Tips for a Stress-Free Office Move

Regardless of your business type and size or distance to be travelled, relocating your office can be a challenging and time consuming task.


Businesses nationwide have turned to to utilise their online booking tool to select furniture removalists which best suit their requirements.


Plan Ahead


Moving offices means thinking ahead and considering both your short and long term business requirements.


This includes considering where cubicles or desk will be placed, Ethernet connections, as well as heavy equipment and inventory (depending on the type of business you operate).


For whichever situation you are in, planning well ahead of moving day will ensure you are better prepared for any unexpected surprises, as well as providing your staff ample time should any network or system issues arise.


If possible, consider scheduling your move over the weekend to minimize the overall impact on your business.


Inform Customers & Suppliers Early on Your Intended Move


At least a month in advance of your move, it is a good idea to inform customers of your intended move to help eliminate the element of surprise.


It is as equally important to let your bank and insurance company know about your change in address so that records can be updated correctly.


Allowing yourself enough time to manage the expectations for everyone as well as headaches and confusion will ensure your move goes ahead smoothly.


Hire Professionals with Solid Reputations


They say you get what you pay for - so when selecting a removalist, hiring a team of inexperienced removalists who often try to use low pricing to gain your business, poses a financial risk to you and your business.


Given the complexity and time it takes to relocate an office, your business cannot afford to hire to cheapest or even the first company that offers their services.


Moving Select provide you with a safe environment when choosing a removalist. They have taken the all the hard work out of ensuring you are getting the best in the business.


Moving Select have personally qualified all their removal companies, ensuring they professional and reliable and they are also required to undergo regular checks to ensure they are upholding Moving Select's high standards of service.


Where to Now?


Our booking tool allows you to compare, select and book local and interstate removalists.


Get in touch with Moving Select today on 1300 50 60 30 if you have any questions regarding a company on our site, or questions you have before and after your move.

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