A Queensland Tree-Changer's Moving House Experience

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It was a true inspiration. My irrepressible urge to trade Brisbane city life for a 'tree change'. Soon our old home had a 'For Sale' sign on the fence. At the same time, a great new place in country Queensland sported a Sold sticker. We were officially moving house!

Careful preparation and professional helping hands helped our relocation flourish. Here's how.

Is the grass really greener?

No doubt about it, a tree change sounds romantic. More family time, great outdoor activities, coming home for lunch and no peak hour traffic! But moving house is a big deal, especially when it means a complete lifestyle change.

Anyone contemplating a move to country Queensland needs to do their homework. Don't fall in love with a dream! Make sure you do a 'reality check' of your new country location. Meet neighbours and visit local schools to ensure you are comfortable. Also, be sure to check:

1. Public transport
2. Speed limits/commute times
3. Essential services
4. Mobile phone reception
5. High-speed internet

You may also like to 'meet' any local livestock who will be your near neighbours. Before moving house, ensure you're content falling asleep to cattle lowing and waking to chickens cackling! You need to know what is on offer before you decide a rural setting or country town is for you.

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Make your next move count

Country life certainly has many wonderful differences from urban living. Be mindful of these differences when moving house. Sense of time, habits and customs can all be different in the country. So you don't want to tread on your new neighbours' toes before you've even moved in!

Relocation to country Queensland also requires time and careful organisation. So we hired specialised cross-country movers who took care of:

1. Utility connection/disconnection
2. Packing/unpacking
3. Furniture freight
4. Secure storage
5. Cleaning
6. Local moving etiquette in our new neighbourhood!

This gave us precious time to begin making new friends and getting involved in our new community. So don't wait until you're firmly ensconced in country Queensland to enjoy the tranquillity. With relocation specialists on hand, make moving house can be a chilled-out experience too.

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