Moving on a Tight Budget: Tips to Save a Ton of Money

The thought of moving can be daunting - especially if you are on a tight budget.


So how can you get all your belongings out of your current home and into your new place without dropping a ton of cash in the process? Here are a handful of tricks and strategies for moving on a tight budget.


Research the Costs of DIY vs. Professional Services


Don't automatically assume that hiring a professional removalist will be more expensive than moving your belongings yourself. While hiring rental truck might look like a good deal, too many do-it-yourselves put a lot of sweat into a move, only to realize they've spent more on a renting a truck than they would've on using professional movers.


These tips for comparing your options should help you make the choice that's best for you.


- When considering professionals, collect at least three quotes from different companies. Even moving companies have an off-season: if you can time your move during autumn or winter, some companies tend to lower their rates to account for the season change. With some offering up to a 30% discount.


- Do a background check before booking by asking for references from previous customers, and online reviews or testimonials If you choose to go with the pros, be sure to deconstruct your IKEA furniture yourself; don't give movers the satisfaction of charging you to use an Allen key!


- DIY still looking more affordable? Plan your move to avoid peak hour traffic. Whether you're using your own full-to-the-brim vehicle or renting a truck, your weighed-down ride will get poor fuel consumption, and not to mention getting stuck in traffic. Save yourself money and time (and a headache) by driving at off-peak hours.


- If you're looking for something between the two extremes of hiring professionals or bribing your friends with beer and pizza, it's worth looking into portable storage units. A number of companies offer this option. You load the unit yourself, the company moves it to your new place, and you unload it. This is the best of both worlds!


Don't Pay for Boxes


Boxes are the bricks and mortar of moving, which is why many moving companies charge exorbitant prices for them. Buying boxes is simply unnecessary when there are so many ways to get them for free:


- Bring empty boxes from your office or workplace; printer-paper boxes are strong and large enough for most items

- Ask friends who have recently moved or post a request on your social media networks

- Ask at your local supermarket; they always have an endless supply of cardboard boxes


Have a Garage Sale


When you are ready to start planning your childproof move, get in touch with a reputable moving company simply by navigating to our home page to search for expert furniture removalists today!

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