4 Vital Tips for Moving House

Moving house is an incredibly stressful experience. Utility transfers, packing, unpacking, removalists, arguments with your loved ones. All of these aspects of a house move are stressful and demanding and make for an often intense experience.


Here are some moving house tips to help make your move as stress free and relaxed as possible. Hopefully these ideas and suggestions will help to ensure that the big move doesn't become a big disaster!


1. Determine Your Budget


Moving house costs money. Removalist or vehicle hire, buying boxes and packing tape, take-away food for those hectic few days where either cooking is the last thing on your mind or you just can't remember where you put that bloody wok! Figuring out exactly how much you can spend on these things and setting aside that sum for when the time comes can help alleviate those worried glances at your bank balance!


2. Pack Efficiently, Neatly and Be Organised


Having everything from each room packed and neatly labelled will save a great deal of stress on the task of unpacking. Put your cutlery in a box that clearly states "cutlery" - you get the idea.


Consider appropriate padding and packaging for your valuables and breakables, packing those boxes of books in an order that will fit the best. All of these tips can help make your move that little bit more relaxed.


3. Leave the Cleaning Until the Very End


Getting bond money back or cleaning a house you've sold is just another stressor to add to the pile of any move. One way to avoid pushing a mop around while the van is being loaded is to set aside an extra day for it after you've moved. That way, you have the epic task of moving one day and then the next you can go back and do the colossal clean, or hire professional cleaners or friends in need of a bit of a cash to do it for you! You'll appreciate having one less task to do and they'll appreciate the money! It's a win-win situation.


4. Know When to Take a Break


It's understandable to want to do everything in one fell swoop. However, sometimes you just need to acknowledge that right now may not be the best time to unpack or pack that particular box or couch and that maybe a nice cup of tea, cold glass of water or frosty beer and a breather might be the best option for the moment! Give yourself permission to relax for 10 or 15 and then get back to it!


Then comes time to hire a professional furniture removal company to pick up your things and take them to the new house. This is the easiest part, because they do it for you - meaning you won't have to lift a finger!


Get in touch with Moving Select today to get a furniture removal quote and find out how much it will cost for a furniture removalist.

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