Preparing for a Successful Home Move in the Winter

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Moving house is not an easy process, and moving house in the winter can be even more complicated. However, proper preparation allows for a successful home move in winter that is more cost-effective. Here are some tips to do just that.

Saving money

Moving in the winter is significantly cheaper than moving in other seasons. Be aware of this and check prices accordingly. We recommend that you get 3-4 quotes from different moving companies , as the difference between the seasons can vary from company to company. In any case, the decision to move home in the winter may save you money.

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Closed transport

Of course, for the removalists, there is a big difference between transport in the winter and transport in the summer. One of the important issues in this regard is the type of vehicle that the removalist uses. Find out with them which truck they are using before you sign a contract with them. Transporting with an open truck on a rainy day will cause damage to your belongings, which could have been prevented had they been transported in a closed vehicle. Ask the moving company if they can do the transport in a closed vehicle.

Heating for the new home

Make sure to install heating in the new apartment (before the move if possible) and bring portable heating devices, such as heaters. If you do not a own heater, consider buying one. In addition, pack in a large suitcase with winter clothes, warm blankets and coats, and make sure it is accessible during the move.


This is the most important step in moving an apartment in the winter. if you do not want your belongings to get wet in the loading and unloading process, it is important that you account for this when packing.

Before you fill the boxes, put everything in a waterproof bag. The furniture should be wrapped. Make sure the movers wrap it if you don't. With TVs, computers and other appliances, we recommend you take extra care when wrapping them. Do not place the boxes in places that may get wet as this will ruin them, making them unusable.

Loading and unloading

On wintery and rainy days the loading and unloading speed is critical. Check in advance what will be the shortest routes will be to carry your belongings. If there is an indoor parking lot in the building that can accomodate the moving vehicle, make sure that they will have space to park. Arrange this with neighbours if necessary.

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