What you need to Know About the Price of your Home Move

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The day of your move has arrived: you have packed, organized and the removalists have arrived on time. Everything goes as planned, until the carrier says that the dresser is not a regular dresser and it will cost extra. Now it is too late to refuse and cancel everything. So how do you avoid such a situation?

First things first

The reason that you want to know what goes into the pricing process is that you are going to want to be negotiating the price with full transparency. Knowing what goes into the pricing will allow you to ask relevant questions about your quote and get the best price possible

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What affects the price?

The main thing that the company will need to do to figure out the pricing is work out how long the job will take and how many people they will need. There are several factors that they use to approximate this. Besides the obvious such as how much is being moved, the first of these factors is the floor that the residence is on. The more stairs that the furniture has to be carried down, the longer the move is going to take. Even if the residence is on the ground floor, it is important to note whether the entrance has stairs or not. The second factor that will need to be looked at is the access to the residence. How close the moving truck can be parked to the residence will greatly affect how long the move will take. The company will also need to know if there are any large items that will require a crane to remove. If there are items that will not fit in the elevator or down the stairs, a crane is required. This will increase the price due to the cost of operating the crane, as well the extra time that using a crane will take.

Travel time and disassembly of furniture

Regarding the location of the apartment you're moving to and the derivative cost, that is usually calculated based on the travel time: If you are moving from one side of the country to the other, then every hour will cost more.

In addition, when moving home there is furniture that can't be transported as is and will need to be disassembled and reassembled in the new apartment. Disassembly and assembly are not a part of the standard transport cost. If you need this, you have to tell the movers beforehand. Usually large furniture like cabinets are disassembled and assembled, since it can not be moved otherwise.

Special items

There are sometimes valuable, large or heavy items that make the transport more expensive. You will need to specify exactly what there is to remove in the apartment, and make an orderly list with the carrier. A washing machine, refrigerator are particularly and should be known in advance. Whether the heavy item can be disassembled will also affect the cost.

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