How to Check your Moving Company's Insurance Before your Move

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It is your job to make sure that all of your belongings are properly insured during your home move. Before you decide on a moving company, it is important that you know about what their insurance policies should look like. This article covers 5 things that you need to look for in insurance when booking removalists for your home move.

1. Ensure that your belongings are insured by the moving company

Making sure that all of your belongings are insured for the transport is vital. Make sure that you check their policy for the vehicle number of the vehicle that you have booked. The policy for this is called 'goods in transit insurance'.

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2. Don't get charged more for contents insurance

Contents insurance should be an standard part of any home move that should not incur an additional fee. The removalists should not be charging you extra for something that is built-in to the service. It is also worth checking the policy that they have to make sure that you are not paying anything if something does happen.

3. Check that the insurance policy covers enough

You should also check the policy to make sure that it is enough. You don't want something to happen to your belongings, only to find that this specific case is not covered by the policy. This should include things such as: Loading and unloading; contents insurance for the transport; as well as third pary insurance, just in case something is dropped or mishandled in a way that results in an injury.

4. Insuring a particularly valuable item

In the case of something that is particularly valuable, you should talk to the insurance agent. What you do specifically will depend largely on just how valuable the item in question is. Some things may have to be transported seperately from what the moving company is transporting. Others may have a custom insurance policy that only applies to that item.

5. Update your own insurance before the move

Make sure that you update you own insurance company before the move. You will need to make sure that all of your belongings are still insured in your new home. It is possible that some changes may need to be made to your policy due to your new home being unsuitable for the old one. You want to get this sorted as early as you can so that you don't have uninsured items.

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