Moving Day Survival Kit; Lifesaving Items

Moving house is an exciting experience, after all you have a whole new home just waiting for you to add your own personal touch too, but it can also be very stressful.


At Moving Select we want to make sure you are prepared before your move and on moving day.


We love sharing moving tips and making sure your move is a breeze and one of our recommendations is that you keep an 'essentials box or bag' handy with a few necessitates to avoid common moving day chaos.


Toilet paper, you are going to need a roll at both your new and old home and believe it or not it is the most common of the forgotten items on moving day.


Cleaning supplies, because moving is much nicer when you start off with a clean house. Having supplies on hand can speed up that process.


Permanent markers will assist you when to labelling last minute boxes - including the box where the TV remote has been put!


Power boards and phone chargers are essential for your first night in your new home as it is unlikely that you will be completely set up, and the first night will probably feel more like you are out camping. Having a power board handy will mean you are able to plug in a lamp, your phone or laptop and be almost civilized.


Heavy duty rubbish bags come in handy for packaging last minute items or for newspaper and general rubbish. Having somewhere to put your unwanted items is critical especially when it comes to avoid creating a mess in your new house.


Swiss army knives will becomes your best friend on moving day. As much as moving day is about moving things, it is also very much about opening and closing boxes. So ensuring that you have quick and easy access to your boxed items will lead to less stress if you have a Swiss army knife on hand.


Your new keys: Picking up your keys just becomes natural over the years, but when you have brand new keys, it can be easy to forget them.


Given you will not be used to the locks at your new house, make sure you keep your keys in your pocket at all times and check you've got them before you leave or move areas. The last thing you want to do is lock yourself out of your new house!


We can unpack and transform your house full of boxes into a beautifully organized home.


To get in touch with a reputable moving company simply navigate to our home page to search for expert furniture removalists today!

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