Avoid a Mayday on Moving Pay Day

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Congratulations! You can skip the rather unglamorous side of moving and engage professional furniture movers. Simply sit back and watch your belongings and furniture being skillfully handled. Paying your removalist is the finishing touch to a great move. But as with all services, it is best to clarify payment and responsibilities upfront.

Start with instant online moving quotes

When it comes to moving, quotes are all-important. No 'hidden costs' make for a great moving experience.

Ensure your furniture movers provide a fully itemised quote upfront. The cost of your moving quote is exactly what you should expect to pay your movers upon delivery of furniture and goods.

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Part-payment is best

Never pay the entire amount of your moving quote upfront. Instead, make a small deposit and pay the balance upon delivery. Your part-payment protects you in case your furniture movers:

1. Damage or break goods
2. Lose belongings
3. Deliver late

Establish your removalist's liability well before payment.

Make a moving inventory

Make a full list of the belongings and furniture the movers will be handling. So you know exactly what should be delivered to your new home. Cross-check all goods against your moving inventory upon delivery. It is a good idea to do this while your furniture movers are unpacking.

Putting paid to your furniture movers

Your belongings have arrived. You're now on the home stretch to being fully moved into your new abode! Hopefully, you included unpacking in your moving quote. So your furniture movers will unpack and arrange your items.

All that's left to do is pay your movers, right? Not quite. The arrival of your goods is a very important time. You need to check for anything that may affect your final payment, including:
1. Breakages or damage
2. The general condition of your goods
3. All items have arrived
4. The removalist truck is entirely empty! No box left behind.

Payment of your furniture movers should be stress-free. Your itemised moving quote means you already know the final balance for your removalist service. And your moving inventory and liability agreement helps you negotiate any compensation. Then just enjoy your new home!

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