Guide to Moving Interstate

Moving from one house to another within the same city can be cumbersome. It is even worse when you have to move from one state to another. It’s like moving to a whole new country. There are many special considerations to make:

  • Restrictions or quarantines
    Before you begin your move, you should ensure that you are aware of any quarantine restrictions that may be in place in the states. Quarantines may affect pets or plants that you may want to carry with you. Check the regulations in the state you are moving to. Ensure that you will not be going against any prohibitions.
  • Removers
    You can't use just any removal service when moving from one state to another. There are restrictions on the operations of these movers. Ensure that you choose an interstate furniture removal service to transport your belongings from your current location to the new destination.
  • Keep in touch
    It is vital to be able to keep in touch with the interstate furniture removal service during the move. This ensures that it is able to contact you in case of a problem. It also ensures that you can direct the movers when they get to the state and ensure safe delivery of your items.
  • Label all your items
    Be sure to label clearly all the cartons and items that you are having moved. Provide instructions on the boxes as to where their location in the house and handling. Your instructions should include:
    • Arrows indicating the position the box should keep (e.g. upright).
    • Instructions for items that need handling with care (indicate FRAGILE on the carton).
    • Instructions for the part of the house the items belong (e.g. bedroom, kitchen etc.).
    • Information on each box contents (e.g. cups and spoons).
    • Keeping all the above points in mind will make your move much easier. You'll be well prepared to tackle any situations that may arise.

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