Childproofing Your Move

Moving house can be stressful enough and no matter how well organized you are. Imagine throwing a screaming or bored child into the mix!


Whilst there are no set rules when it comes to childproofing your move, a little bit of common sense goes a long way when it comes to keeping them safe, entertained and out of the way of the removalist company.


Children are naturally curious and are more often than not tempted by all of the interesting things going on around them.


Planning and preparing for a household move are essential and can prevent you from having to play zookeeper on moving day.


So how can you keep your children safe, pull off a successful move and do this with as little stress as possible?


Grandparents make great babysitters and love spending time with their grandchildren.


Some grandparents will be unlikely to be able to help on moving day because of their age, so why not ask if they are able to contribute to moving day by watching the children, even if it is only for a few hours.


Play dates with your children's friends is another helpful suggestion if a grandparent is not an option.


Speak to your friends and see if you are able to organize a play date for moving day. Children enjoy play dates with friends and it will keep them safe and out of the way amidst the chaos that is moving day.


Schedule moving day during a child care, kinder or school day. Keeping routine is important as moving can be an emotional and stressful one for our children as well.


If none of these suggestions are possible and the children will be present during the move, there are some measures that you can take to keep the children safe and entertained.


They include:


- Keep track of dangerous items such as sharps or poisons to ensure they are safely out of reach on moving day, this also includes medications


- Move the kids' furniture first and set up in their new bedrooms so they can be entertained with their own belongings and get used to their new surroundings


- If your child is old enough, set them the task of putting their things away and making the room feel their own. They will also feel like they are playing a part in moving day by being involved in the process


- Plan for snacks and naps by keeping a handful of healthy snacks and drinks on hand and remember a good nap can go a long way toward putting a cranky child in a more agreeable mood


Kids are extremely intuitive and subject to stress themselves. They take their cues from you.


Keep their spirits high with mentions of things they can look forward to at their new home.


Maybe there's an awesome playground right down the street, or the new backyard has a perfect spot for making a fort.


It is important to maintain a positive attitude towards the move around them and they will have a positive attitude, too!


When you are ready to start planning your childproof move, get in touch with a reputable moving company simply by navigating to our home page to search for expert furniture removalists today!

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