How to Check Your Moving Company's Insurance Policies

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Before you hire a moving company, you need to know that your belongings will be safe in their hands. One of the things that this entails is checking their insurance policies. If you don't know how to do that, don't worry; This article will go over everything that you want to look for in their insurance policy.

Insurance Policy

Goods in transit insurance is a policy that insures goods when they are being transported. It is common in any profession that use vehicles to move items and equipment. The policy covers almost all the risks that may occur, but you will need to check the specifics of your moving company's policy to be sure.

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Third party insurance

The customer themselves is not insured and is therefore considered to be a third party. If the moving company does not have third-party insurance as a part of their policy, the customer may find that they are not entitled to compensation for any damages during the transport.

Loading and unloading

This covers any damage that may occur during the loading and/or unloading processes.

Transport cover

This covers any damage that may occur after unloading when items are being carried into the home.

Concession release

This nullifies the insurance company's right to claim the money it paid for damages from the party who caused the damage.


Any damage caused to your belongings when they are moved with the help of a crane will be covered by this.

Things to remember

1. The maximum amount that the policy covers should be checked. If your belongings exceed this value, it is best not to transport everything at once. The transport can be done in several trips, solving the issue.

2. Valuable items should be insured independently.

3. It is recommended to back up any important data before transporting a PC. If the computer is needed for your work, you should pack it separately and take it with you in your personal vehicle.

4. It is advisable to ask the removalists all the relevant questions about their insurance policy and even ask to see the contract itself. A professional removalist, who has taken out proper insurance, should have no reason not to cooperate with your inquiries. In any case, reviewing the moving company's insurance policy can prevent a lot of potential issues.

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