7 Tools to Help You Move

Effectively packing up a house for an interstate move takes planning and organisation. You not only need to research, coordinate and book your furniture removalists, but you also need to prepare for the arduous job of packing up your belongings and furniture. Here are some tools that you will need to help you pack for the move.

  1. Boxes

    This is a no brainer given that most of your belongings will conveniently fit into a cardboard box for easy packing, easy storage and easy stacking.
  2. Newspapers

    Smaller items you don’t have the original boxes for such as cutlery, cooking utensils, mugs, glasses, cookware or other items should be wrapped in newspapers to help avoid scratches and breakage.
  3. Bubble wrap

    If you require extra padding and protection for your belongings, bubble wrap will help. Consider using bubble wrap for more fragile items such as vases and other items made of ceramic and glass. Or use bubble wrapping if an item is valuable or needs the extra protective layer prior to wrapping with newspaper.
  4. Scissors & masking tape

    Without these two item, moving would be painful and nothing would be safe and secure. Ensure you get enough rolls of masking tape to get the job done. You’ll be surprised how much you will go through when you’re packing. Also, don’t just tape and seal up boxes, but ensure you tape up the corners for added protection.
  5. Moving blankets

    Moving blankets are required for additional precautions, especially for furniture and other items you don’t want damaged and scratched. Place them on the floor of the moving van or truck or wrap around specific belongings to avoid scratches, chips, dents or breakage.
  6. Furniture trolley / utility dolly

    Avoid the back pain and neck strain that is caused by heavy lifting and get yourself a furniture trolley or utility dolly. These two wheeled life savers will help move multiple boxes or items quickly and more effectively.
  7. Moving ropes & straps

    If you want a moving aid, especially with the heavier items such as furniture and white goods, why not get moving ropes and straps. These tools provide additional neck and back support when you’re moving furniture and other heavy goods.

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