Where to stay? Best living options when between homes

So you're between homes. Perhaps you're about to renovate your house and you need to vacate the property and find somewhere temporary to live. Perhaps you're caught between rental agreements, you've returned from overseas, or are a relocating employee in need of short-term accommodation, fast. Maybe you've found yourself in between two periods - selling one house and buying another. Or maybe, your situation is something else entirely. What living options do you have for a temporary base before you move into something more permanent?


Short term houses and apartments


Short term rental properties are great for ensuring you have all the amenities you won't miss in the down time between your former and next homes. Plus, many short term properties on the market come furnished for your convenience. So while you let MovingSelect calculate a competitive quote for all your moving needs, you don't have to stress about hauling your belongings into a temporary place and damaging a rental house or apartment.


House sharing


A very affordable option for interim housing solutions is house sharing, where you tend to contribute to the rent of current tenants of a property for a period of time. Plenty of websites like sharehouses.com.au, realestate.com.au and flatmates.com.au advertise listings unique to Australia for this exact purpose.




A relatively new kid on the block, Airbnb is a popular global hosting service that operates in all parts of Australia, with guests booking in a range of different temporary homes for a defined period of time to house sit for the occupants. The selection of living arrangements, from houses, apartments, lofts, warehouses, to a single private room cater for plenty of needs and tastes, and the service is only growing. You can filter by location, property type, price, dates, guest number, rooms needed, amenities and more.


Staying with a friend or relative


Depending on the situation at hand, another option is staying in a close friend or relative's property for a period of time. This suggestion would have to be proposed skillfully, keeping in mind the property owner's room available, finances and how much strain it could potentially put on your relationship and their daily activities. The right person will always pull through for someone they care about – just ensure you think about how you'll repay them!




For those of us with very temporary relocations and not much notice, you may have to look into hotel and apartment bookings. The downside is that they benefit from last minute bookings and that their cost is steep per night, often without discount for extended stays. But, their availabilities can be very appealing in direr times of need.


With an ever-growing choice of housing on the market, finding a temporary home no matter your circumstances has never been easier. And when you've got your accommodation sorted, let the experts at MovingSelect lend a hand. We'll calculate the cheapest cost of moving your belongings from one home to the next, so it'll be one less thing for you to worry about!


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