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Moving house has been known to cause some casualties! Local and interstate removals can be up and down affairs and not just for the broken vase or chipped furniture.

Many Adelaide householders have sustained moving injuries. Even once you've unpacked at your new household you need to be alert. Overcrowded rooms or unpacked boxes can stub toes or send you on an unwanted 'trip'.
Sound like moving is a minefield? You can sidestep the mines and come out the other end unscathed. All you need are some careful safeguards like first aid and storage. Having professional removalists can't hurt either!

First aid in Adelaide

Sure, there is plenty to do when moving house. But don't risk your health and wellbeing by being in a rush. You can't enjoy your new Adelaide home if you're in the chiropractor getting your back crunched. Or nursing strained muscles and minor lacerations!

Avoid back pain or pulled muscles by lifting boxes correctly. Always bend at the knees (not the waist). Watch your removalists at work. They keep their legs apart, get a strong grip and secure footing then move items smoothly. That's the way!

Always have a complete first aid kid available while moving too. Be this includes:

1. Band-aids & bandages
2. Scissors & safety pins
3. Antiseptic cream and eyewash
4. Adhesive tape and non-adhesive dressing
5. Gloves

Storage Select

Injury prevention

No doubt about it, moving house can be hazardous to your health. If not performed properly that is. Here is where expert removalists can help. They're skilled at heavy lifting and know how to avoid injury.
Most removalists will also arrange storage if you have excess belongings needing alternative 'accommodation'. An overcrowded new home can throw up injury risks in itself!

Try and keep a clear space within which your removalists can work. Excited pets and children can be moving hazards. The most sure-footed removalists may come a-cropper with these under their toes!
Moving in Adelaide doesn't have to be a minefield. Employ some 'trouble-shooters' like first-aid, professional removalists and adequate storage. That way you and your belongings will move unscathed!

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