How Moving House Can Be A Budget Blower!

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Many Darwin budgets have been blown and exciting new homes tainted by a stealthy larker. Hidden expense stalks the uninitiated moving house, leaving a huge bill in its wake. But you can have your furniture professionally moved without becoming destitute. Here's how I skilfully sidestepped hidden expenses when moving house in Darwin.

Dig up Darwin: Uncover hidden costs when moving house

Budget for moving house - check. Budget for moving house based on 'warts and all' knowledge - oops! Moving house in Darwin can be an expensive exercise if you don't know what you are paying for upfront. Even an estimate from professional movers can change unless it's a fully itemised quote.

Then there're the 'underbelly' costs of moving house. DIY Darwin movers especially fall prey to hidden moving costs such as:

1. Moving cartons and packaging
2. Updated drivers license
3. New car registration
4. Car fuel & maintenance costs
5. Damage to household goods during transit
6. Groceries or takeaway until the new kitchen is stocked

You can imagine how these hidden costs can mar the exciting experience of moving house. Who wants to be living on bread and water in their new Darwin abode!
Know all costs associated with your move upfront to avoid unwelcome surprises.

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Get an itemised quote for moving house

Professional movers can be a great way to eliminate hidden costs when moving house. But always get an itemised quote before engaging your movers. Your quote should cover:

1. Mileage
2. Packing
3. Furniture handling
4. Time
5. Additional services you may need, like storage

Why not use Compare Quotes to get several instant online costs from quality tested movers. An itemised quote means you won't pay extra if your move takes longer than expected. Ensure your movers carry full insurance too, so they wear the cost of any damage done to your items in transit.

Moving house in Darwin can be fraught with hidden costs. But an itemised quote from professional furniture removalists or mere knowledge can eliminate unwanted surprises and give you a set budget to boot!

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