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An unfortunate possibility when moving house is furniture and other items can get damaged. That's why it pays to have moving insurance to cover your inventory. If you discover your furniture or goods damaged, what do you do? Easy, just keep reading.

Moving house & furniture insurance

Let's make it clear. There is no basic cover provided by a removalist company. If your favourite piece of furniture gets damaged, you pay the costs. That's why if you're moving, taking out moving insurance is a must. Moving house insurance ensures that should an accident happen, you're 100 per cent covered. For the cost of repairs, or full replacement.

Moving Insurance provides guaranteed peace of mind. Very handy given how stressful moving can be. Cheap movers might not offer insurance at all and some removalists don't accept liability for damage or breakages of items you pack. By taking out comprehensive moving insurance though, you're covered during:

1. Packing
2. Loading your inventory
3. Transit of furniture and possessions
4. Unpacking

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Inventory insurance claims

So you've unpacked a carton only to find your favourite furniture damaged. Or someone has crashed into the removalist truck. Apart from keeping the anger at bay, what should you do?
Don't delay. Locate and review all insurance paperwork as soon as you spot any damage. The paperwork will provide the necessary details for making a claim on your inventory. It may mean visiting a website. Or making a phone call. Follow the steps and don't take shortcuts on details. It can also be beneficial to take photos of any damage just in case.
Remember too to be patient. Making a claim can take time and patience. Much live moving house really!

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