What you Need to Know about Furniture Disassembly when Moving Home

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Dismantling furniture is one of the biggest obstacles in moving house, as you likely cannot do it yourself. Because of this, you will need to hire professionals to do the job. Here is everything you need to know about disassembly and assembly when moving home.

Picking a capable moving company

Even when the quote for the move includes disassembly and assembly service, it is recommended that you double check with the removalists that they are bringing someone that is qualified to disassemble and assemble furniture. You should inform the company of what needs disassembled to make sure that it is within their capabilities. Some companies save on costs by not employing someone that is experienced in this field. These companies will just give the task to one of their regular movers, risking mistakes in the process.

It is important to note that the priority of the moving company may be to finish the work as early as possible in order to maximize the working day. This can lead to mistakes with disassembly and reassembly, especially when it is done by a novice. To avoid this, ensure that you only work with reputable companies that employ someone with experience in disassembly and reassembly.

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What furniture can be dismantled?

Plastic and metal furniture that are welded into a single piece or formed from a single mold, obviously cannot be disassembled. Not all wooden furniture can be disassembled either, and some that can, cannot be reassembled easily due to poor quality wood. However, high quality wooden furniture should be fine even after multiple assemblies and disassembles.

For the moving company disassembly may be a major headache. Sometimes the quality of the material is so poor that the furniture is easily broken in the process.

Even if you are interested in saving money and dispite disassembling furniture seeming simple, the task is often too delicate to do yourself. Some furniture can have many parts that need to be disassembled and reassembled in the correct order. In most cases disassembly and assembly requires at least 2 highly skilled professionals and the appropriate tools. Beyond that, remember that most of the furniture in your home is no longer new and wear and tear may make make it susceptible to breaking.

Advantages of disassembly and assembly services

Professional assembly and disassembly has several advantages. The main purpose of this service is that it allows you to transport furniture that may otherwise be too large or heavy. The fact that they are professionals means that there is a greatly reduced risk of your furniture being damaged in the process. Even if you are able to reliably do it yourself, using a professional service will save you time that you can use to complete other tasks that are needed for the move.

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