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Compare Quotes suggests you beware of companies saying you get free insurance. All companies know they could say insurance is included and this will encourage you to book with them. It is easy for a company to say your quote includes insurance, but what does this really mean?

How covered are you?

The majority of removals companies in Australia have Transit and Public Liability Insurance. Transit insurance normally covers them in case the truck is involved in a roll-over, collision, fire or theft and public liability covers things like backing into your house. Many removalists will say over the phone and in their quotes that YOU get FREE insurance with their company. There is no such thing, the policy that they have is just that; their policy, not yours.

In the event that something goes wrong and some of your furniture gets broken YOU the customer does not have insurance. You have not taken out any insurance policy and you cannot make any claims. You can request that the removalist make a claim for things they have broken but they can argue it is not their fault and the item was already broken.
We believe businesses that are not explaining this properly and are simply saying insurance is included are bending the truth. We encourage all removalists on our system to clearly explain insurance to Compare Quotes customers. Some companies can sell insurance for your move. If you purchase insurance from a removalist please make sure you get a copy of your policy before the move and make sure you have spoken directly to the insurance company yourself confirming your policy number, terms and conditions etc.

Some companies have a "We break it we fix it" policy. Once again we would suggest that you get a copy of this policy in writing with all the terms and conditions.

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If you would like to get your own insurance:

1. First we suggest you check with your Home and Contents Insurer, some companies cover you for moving house and others can offer a short term extension on your policy for your relocation.
2. You could also take out a policy with an Insurance company that has a removals insurance product. Policies costs are set based on the replacement value of your contents.
3. Please understand that most companies are experienced and running a good business, there is a great chance that nothing will be broken when you move house if you choose a professional company. This being said if you want complete peace of mind that your goods are covered in the event of an accident we suggest you take out an insurance policy.
4. If you are purchasing insurance through a removalist it is always a good idea to ask for some proof of purchase documentation. These can include but are not limited to the following:

- Product Disclosure Statement outlining the policy
- Insurance declaration where the customer declares the items they want to be insured
- Insurance certificate - On the certificate there should be the name of the Insurance Company that they are selling insurance on behalf of
- Insurance policy wording
- Financial Services Guide

(This information is not to be taken as legal advice. Compare Quotes strongly advises if you want to understand removals insurance clearly please contact an insurance broker.)

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