The Risks of Not Packing Properly For Your Move

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When you are moving house packing is one of the key tasks that will need to be completed. Although it may seem simple, not doing this job properly can cause a lot of issues for you. In order to make sure that you pack properly for your move, it is important that you understand the risks of improper packing.

This article will cover some of the risks of improper packing when moving home.

Fragile items

If you fail to properly pack your items you may risk damage to your fragile or valuable items. When packing it is important that you pack all of your fragile items in a way that ensures that they will not sustain any damage. This means that they will need to have padding of some kind. Typically this will be bubble wrap or foam in some form. However, clothes may also make for good packing material.

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Leaving things behind

If you fail to do a good job of packing for your move you may end up leaving items behind. A large part of this would be due to poor organization. When packing you will want to make sure to pack in a way that items of a like kind are packed together. When doing this, it will ensure that you go through all of your belongings systematically. This will mean that you are sure not to miss anything.


When you pack, making sure that all of your boxes and containers are organized in a way that makes sense is vital to the unpacking process. Failure to do this properly will mean that you will have to go to several different places when unpacking each box. The ideal situation is that all items in each box will go in a singular location. This will significantly streamline the unpacking process, meaning that you will be able to enjoy your new home as soon as possible.

Clutter at the new home

Improper packing can also lead to having more boxes than is necessary. This will lead to clutter which can be a source of stress when you get to your new home. The way to avoid this is to ensure that you pack everything efficiently. This means that you will want to make sure that you stack things in a manner that is conducive to saving space. You will want to maximize the amount of items that you fit in each box. The main goal when doing this is to reduce the unused space in each box to a minimum.

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