Packing Crockery so it Doesn't Break

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Smash - crash - bang! I hear the sound of broken crockery. That's the last thing you need when undertaking relocation. Find out how to pack crockery correctly. Whether it's plates, mugs or a vase, follow these helpful tips.

Packing plates into cartons

Over the years, you build up quite the collection of plates. Dinner plates. Saucers. Even plates from the kids. Not to mention the different sizes and shapes. The last thing you want is your favourite plate chipped. Or worst still, a collection of small ceramic pieces. Although packing plates sounds easy enough, there are hidden tricks. Follow these moving house plate packing tips:

1. Use sturdy cartons
2. Ensure carton is lined in padding material
3. Cover 4-5 plates with several layers of newspaper
4. Wrap these 4-5plates in more newspaper
5. Place plates in a carton flat and with heaviest at the bottom

The key is to ensure no plates touch one another and there is no contact with the box. Basically, the more padding you can provide, the better!

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Now for packing mugs

Just like furniture, every house has mugs and everyone has their favourite mug. It somehow makes the tea of coffee taste better. So when relocating, it's vital to keep your 'world's best dad' or 'I love coffee' mug safe. Follow the previous tips, plus these:

1. Wrap with extra newspaper, especially if thin
2. Pack rim down in carton
3. Keep same sized mugs packed together without handles touching

These tips apply to all types of crockery. Not just plates and mugs. Don't be a mug. Pack your crockery safely in cartons when moving house.

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