The Cost of Frequent Home Moves

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Depending on your line of work, you may find yourself moving every few years or even multiple times a year. There are a lot of costs associated with moving house just once, not to mention multiple times. These costs are not just monetary either, there is also a significant mental cost every time you move home. This article will go over the various costs of moving home frequently.

Why you move

The reason for your move will be a large determining factor both in the financial and mental cost. There is a big difference between moving because you want to and moving because you have to. Being forced to move can make you feel helpless and if it happens on short notice, it can cost quite a lot. It is no secret that it is significantly cheaper to hire a moving company in advance, so of course, the reverse applies. A short notice move will also mean that you will have less choice of where you move and how much you pay.

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The economic side

Moving house is not cheap. Whether you are moving by yourself or with other people, you will have to pay for all of your belongings to be transported. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as you also have to pay for a variety of other things such as setting up utilities in the new home.

You must also take into account the time that it takes to get everything done for the move. You will likely have to take time off of work at some point in the moving process. Depending on how much leave you have accumulated, this can cost you money. Even if you do have days of paid leave to spare, this may result in you having to take unpaid leave at a later date. If you are moving frequently, these costs can add up quite quickly.

The mental side

Moving home can be very stressful. As previously mentioned, there is a lot that needs to be done before, after, and during the move. This can tire you out and have a significant impact on your mental health. The financial cost of moving will also add to this stress. The stress from moving home once can be manageable if the move is fairly small scale, but again, if you are doing it frequently, the toll it takes can be quite large.

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