Transporting Your Piano when Moving Home

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Any home move can turn into a big mess, but transporting a piano is especially difficult. Transporting a piano is not simple and it is important to make sure that it is done properly. This article contains everything you need to know to transport your piano to your new home.

Piano transport VS regular transport

As anyone who plays the piano probably knows, the piano is a delicate and sensitive instrument. Because of this, moving it requires care and precision so as not to damage the piano. In addition, the piano is particularly heavy, much heavier than most of the furniture we have in the house. To deal with this, it's important that you hire a removalist that has the knowledge and skill required to carry out the transport. This is why some moving companies will not transport pianos. Therefore, you will need to talk to your moving company to check that they have experience transporting pianos. You will also need to let the moving company know about the piano; Items like pianos that are difficult to transport will require preparation and increase the cost of the transport.

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How is the piano transported?

Before the move, it is highly recommended that the movers come to inspect the area in and around your home, as well as take a look at the piano. Many people neglect to check that it is possible to transport the piano without the use of equipment such as a crane. Therefore, the carrier must be able to plan out how they will load and transport the piano; They must also work out what equipment they will need. Only then can you get an accurate quote for transporting the piano.

After the piano is wrapped properly to protect it, it is ready to be transported. Piano transport is done using special belts that wrap around the piano, which the carriers hold to move it. In general, it is recommended to keep the piano upright. Your carriers should know this and only rotate the piano if absolutely necessary. If it is necessary to use a crane to transport the piano, the carriers will attach the piano to it and carefully lower it to the truck. Once the piano has been loaded onto the truck safely, the movers will secure it and attach it to the truck so that it does not move during the trip.

Transporting a grand piano

The main difference between transporting a standard piano and transporting a grand piano is the weight of the piano. A grand piano is much heavier than a regular piano, so its transport is a little more complex and will require more workers. Usually, a grand piano needs to be disassembled before transport; This is done to split the weight, make loading and unloading it easier, and also to protect the delicate parts of the piano. It may sound scary, but do not worry; A good moving company will know how to disassemble the piano and reassemble it without damaging anything.

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