Maintaining a Healthy Relationship when Moving Long Distance as a Couple

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With people moving from place to place, the world is more connected than ever. This is the reason why relocation has become so common, especially for work. Before making a decision to move as a couple, it is necessary to prepare and educate yourself on the process, since it involves many changes and challenges.

Family seperation

When relocating as a couple, you will have to keep in mind that you will be separated from your family. For some, their family is their primary support group. To cope with this, you will need to develop strategies, both to deal with any hard times, and to keep in touch.

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In a lot of cases, the career of the person following their spouse comes to a halt. Depending on their work situation, they may become financially dependent on their partner. In many places, one part of the couple will lack a work visa and will suddenly find themselves without anything to fill their time. Keep in mind that this can result in tension if not properly managed.


Self-identity includes an image that the person builds for themselves during their life and gives it meaning. It is a place many look to for guidance and direction in life. Moving to another country can take away many of the things that a person's identity is built around. This can feel very chaotic until a person adapts their sense of identity to suit their environment. Despite this, this period can be an opportunity, allowing a person to reimagine themselves.

Dealing with the move

The decision should be made together as a couple. The better the communication is in this process, the easier it will be to deal with. For the relocation to be successful, both partners must maintain their self-worth, as well feel necessary and fulfilled. The partner who is following can take advantage of the relocation for professional advancement, or even use the period to experience new things that they have always dreamt of. It is also important to maintain contact with family and friends that you have left behind. This can be done either over the phone or online. This can be an important means of emotional fuelling in a new country.

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