Getting your Child Packed for Moving House

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Children's rooms tended to be filled with all kinds of belongings, all of which will need to be packed before moving. Therefore, packing your child's belongings is a process that requires quite a bit of time and patience. There is a lot about moving home that can be quite stressful to a child, so parents need to be sensitive and attentive to the needs of their children throughout this process. Here are some tips to help you get your child packed for moving home.


The order in which you pack for your move and how you go about it will have a big impact on your and your families lives leading up to the move. You need to decide when to pack your child's belongings, what you want to pack things in, what you need access to before the move, and a large number of other things. Such decisions should, at the very least, be considered before you start packing.

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Packing services

The packing process is complex, but it does not have to be difficult. Check with your moving company to see if they provide packing services. Packing services can save you a lot of time, energy and stress, especially if you are struggling with getting everything packed.

Working with your children

If you have small children, you should pack their rooms last so that they are not without their toys for too long. You should also talk to them ahead of time to prepare them for their belongings being packed away.

If you have older children, give them as much time as they need to pack their rooms. You will also want to help them with the packing if they need it. Working together with them will allow them to express their concerns related to the expected move, such as the new friends, the new school, etc.

During the packing process, you should ask the children where they want to put things in their new room. Doing this will show them that their opinon is valued, a feeling that will help them to feel more positive about the move.

You should also allow your child to write their name on the boxes that came out of their room, possibly even letting them mark them with their favourite stickers.

How to pack the belongings

Children's toys and games, by design, are not typically fragile. Because of this, you are able to put them straight in a box. Just be mindful of any parts that look like they could fall off, such as the limbs of figurines, as these may need to be wrapped first. There are, however, some toys that are fragile, such as porcelain dolls, which must be wrapped in a protective packing material and ideally stored in a box with other fragile items from the child's room. Children should be allowed to take some items with them on the drive to the new home. The children can pick these items out and pack them in a backpack. This will make them feel more comfortable during the move and distract them from the stress of the process.

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