Shifting on a Shoestring: Guide to Finding Cheap Removalists

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Moving house sure can be costly! This exercise can cost you time, energy, stress and of course money. When it came time for my family to move house, we set a very modest budget. And the prognosis is great! With some careful preparation including itemised quotes, we found cheap removalists who did an outstanding job. Our furniture was handled with precision, our household relocated and our budget was immaculately met! Here's how.

Quotes: Your safety In numbers

One thing you'll never be short of is a choice of removalists. Many offer similar services, so getting a variety of quotes is an excellent way to help selection. Not to mention ensuring you get the best price for your move.

We were thrilled to discover Compare Quotes when preparing for our move. Their instant online quotes let us select our desired level of service upfront. So we immediately connected with quality-tested removalists who fitted our budget.
Always ask for fully itemised quotes so you know exactly what you are paying for upfront. Cheap movers can become exactly the opposite if you get hit with 'hidden' costs.

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Cheap (but not nasty) removalists

To an extent the old maxim 'you get what you pay for' holds true. But you really can find cheap removalists who do a great job. With some simple steps, you can lay the groundwork to ensuring you've secured trustworthy, experienced removalists. Here's what we checked when hiring our cheap removalists:

1. Personal referrals from family and friends
2. References provided by shortlisted removalists
3. Insurance cover
4. Our moving needs vs removalists' experience
5. Additional services such as furniture handling, packing and storage
6. Claims policy should damage to our belongings occur in transit

Moving does not have to break your back or bank! All it takes is some quick preparation and quote comparison. With that, you can select cheap removalists who move you quickly and efficiently. No damage, delays or hidden costs. And this is what ultimately saves you money.

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