Complete Guide for a Successful Moving Day

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You finished packing the whole house, found a cheap and reliable moving company with insurance, and the movers have arrived on time. This day is particularly intense and confusing, but if you take a few simple steps and behave wisely in front of the removalists, you can end the day without issues.

Preparing for the moving day

Items to go: Preparing for the day of moving is a bit like traveling for a vacation. Prepare a bag with change of clothes, toiletries, medicines, chargers for mobile devices, and everything you will need access to before you have unpacked. You do not want to start digging for hours in boxes just to find your pyjamas, the first night in the new apartment.

Parking: On the morning of your moving day, go down to the street before the removalists arrive and save a parking space for their truck as close as possible to the entrance of the house. This advice is critical when it comes to moving an apartment in a busy area like the CBD. Once the removalists have started working, it is very worthwhile to get to the new home and save a parking space next to it as well. The shorter the removalists will have to carry the contents of the apartment, the fresher they will be and the less likely it is that something will break or be destroyed.

Help on the way: If you recruited family members or friends to help with your move, scatter them between all the stations - in the old home, next to the truck, in the loading and unloading from the truck and in the new home. Everyone will follow the removalists and make sure that your items, which you packed with love, are loaded with the utmost care and unloaded in the place designated for them.

Keeping personal belongings: Keep important and personal belongings (keys, wallet, mobile device, etc.) close to you, and occasionally stop for a moment to make sure they are still where you put them.

What to take in the car: Jewellery, valuables and especially delicate objects should be taken in your car. Other things worth considering taking with you are things such as shampoo bottles and other liquids, which may be spilled in a box. Be sure to close the bottles you have already started using (oil, shampoo) with a double cover.

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Dealing with the moving company

Take care of the employees and they will take care of your belongings:
Prepare drinks and snacks for the removalists in advance, both in the old home and in the new home. If you invest in the employees of the moving company, you will get a better moving service and a more pleasant atmosphere.


Unload the boxes directly into the appropriate rooms. If you can guide the carriers to the right room, you will save yourself a lot of time carrying boxes afterwards.

The fragile equipment, appliances, etc., should be unpacked while the carriers are still in the apartment, to make sure there in nothing broken.

Once the removalists have finished their work, it is advisable to peek into the trunk of the truck and make sure nothing is left there. Then, it's time to go back to your contents list, to check that nothing was stolen or lost along the way, and to mark a tick on each box you unload.

Make sure you close all the accounts of the previous apartment. The electricity company, the water company, the gas company. Check how to close your debts to them and transfer the account to the next tenant.

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