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Moving is all about you! But manners are a must-have on your moving checklist. A bit of consideration will get you and your removalists moving a lot faster. Check out Compare Quotes for professional movers well-versed in moving etiquette.

Choose moving times carefully

Try to book your movers to start moving between 9-10 am. During weekdays your neighbours should have left for work and be unaffected by your movers and moving activities.

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Avoid loud musical moving

Enthusiastic music may set your feet moving. It probably won't thrill your neighbours though! Tone it down so you or your movers don't faceless than lyrical words from the neighbours.

Moving on, keeping strong

Make your neighbours' first or last impressions of you, memorable for the right reasons. There's nothing like a moving truck blocking the driveway to make neighbourliness vanish. Do your best not to make others late to work or social engagements because you are moving!

Moving manners makes for good neighbours

Keep the moving process in house. Dissuade your movers from placing your belongings on neighbours' property. Neighbours seldom respond well to movers' boot-marks in their flowerbeds, shortcuts across the lawn. Not to mention inconveniently placed moving equipment!

Moving is thirsty work!

Just ask your movers. But those straining muscles are easily soothed. Show good moving manners by providing basic refreshments for your movers. Iced water, tea, coffee and biscuits are ample moving fare. Or order a pizza for extra eager movers!

Moving means moving your rubbish

Whether you're moving out or moving in, pick up any debris from the moving process. Your neighbours will appreciate it. So will the environment.

Move into your new neighbourhood

Moving to a new neighbourhood means moving into a new community. Meet your new neighbours within the first week of moving in. Introduce yourself or even invite them in. You'll find it's a great way to settle in after moving to a new neighbourhood.

So never pack away your manners. Observing moving etiquette will help you win friends and influence people through the major events of your life - moving!

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