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OK, so you need to move house and there's a global recession on. Whether you're about to downsize, sell or just relocate, you can save on furniture removals without quality compromise. With many on the move feeling the back pocket pinch, a few simple things can save you money on furniture removals.

Plan Your Move Ahead Of Time

Nothing costs money like a last-minute move. Like many services, if you plan and book your furniture removal ahead of time, you'll have:

1. The opportunity to compare furniture removal quotes
2. A better chance of booking your move for the date you want
3. The choice of many furniture removal contractors
4. Time to organise any aspects of the move you plan to do yourself

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Compare furniture removal quotes

Once you've got your move planned, be sure to get at least 3 furniture removals quotes. We've made that easy with an online calculator. But to be sure, make certain you've decided on your preferred service level set a sensible budget. That way when it comes to comparing quotes, you'll be looking at similar furniture removals services. Apples with apples, in other words.

Negotiate with your furniture removal contractor

In theory, we know agreements aren't set until the ink dries. So why take the first furniture removal quote as gospel? Talk to your preferred contractors. Check which services are included, and what's an optional extra. Can you save money on your move by doing smaller tasks yourself? Take care not to void any furniture removals insurance. It won't seem like a bargain if things get damaged in the move.

Source used boxes & packing

You don't need to buy boxes from your furniture removal contractor. There are many options for sourcing robust moving boxes and packaging. For instance:

1. Furniture removals companies often resell used boxes
2. Commercial packaging companies offer used boxes too
3. Many people sell furniture removals boxes on auction sites after their move
4. Retail tissue paper is available from shop supplies wholesale
5. Butchers paper can often be sourced wholesale or online also

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